Manufacturing Process

RULE NO1: Made with love. To be worn with love. 

The fabrics: 

Rachel travels to trade shows and fabric fairs and is constantly scouting out new sustainable suppliers to work with.

After launching her first collection (fresh out of art school and experimenting wildly with fabrics), Rachel very quickly found her love for soft and natural fabrics as well as her own digitally printed textiles. 

Around the same time (2014 /2015) Rachel was invited to watch a screening of 'The True Cost' documentary. To say this changed the way Rachel designed and interacted with suppliers would be an understatement. For her next collection 'PAUSE' Rachel made a commitment to only use 100% Organic Cotton, either plain or digitally printed with a RACHEL MCMILLAN print. 

Rachel now asks all suppliers to be transparent with their own supply chains. This, of course, is still a work in progress but has helped Rachel scale back on the number of suppliers she uses and is now able to work much more closely with a select few. This helps nourish a strong and trusting relationship that benefits all parties. 

Rachel's distinct prints are digitally printed in The UK onto a range of sustainably sourced fabrics. 


The making: 

Rachel works from a small studio in her hometown Glasgow, Scotland. 

So far all sampling and manufacturing is completed in-house. This allows for quick turn arounds (yes even for made to order!) and the best of the best quality control! 

Rachel designs, pattern cuts, samples and makes the majority of the bespoke or made to order garments. When things get busy around pop up shops or Christmas time then Rachel calls in the help of her trusted freelancers. 

As the business grows Rachel would love to be able to hire full time makers to the company. It has always been a part of Rachel's vision to stay in Scotland, create fun and creative jobs and nurture the fantastic talent that we have. 


If you would like any further information regarding our manufacturing process please email and I will be happy to assist. 


Rachel McMillan Fashion Designer Scotland