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Posted on 10 August 2015



Ever had an idea that keeps lingering around, creeping up every so often just to remind you that you still haven't done anything with it? That was Groun.d.e.a.d. for me. 

The idea was born during my final year at University. We were asked to write a Manifesto exploring the feelings and situations which drive us in our life. What causes they extreme reactions of fear, doubt, anger, hurt, joy? Things we seldom like to acknowledge never-mind explore. After many pages of writing, we had to reduce it to to the very crux of the issue, short enough to be able to tell someone you meet in an elevator for 30 seconds. Mine read:

                    "If you write the story, why not succeed?                                                                             If you are the author, why not amaze?"

I studied my own reactions to situations, noticed where I acted irrationally and tried to work out why, what was driving me? Who or what was I trying to protect? I also looked at when I felt most at peace, most grounded in life? 

Groun.d.e.a.d recognises the fundamental importance of being grounded in yourself, knowing yourself and nurturing yourself to your full potential. Otherwise are you following the crowd, believing what people tell you, walking dead through your life? A small play on words, initially for my honours fashion magazine title but it remains a small reminder for me everyday to take control of my life.

For the last 3 years I have wondered how I should incorporate the idea into my business or possibly something else. It seems it has come at a good time to start a Blog for 'Rachel McMillan' and so today is the official launch of project Groun.d.e.a.d. ! 

Through Groun.d.e.a.d we want to convey a message of self empowerment and how to stay Groun.d.e.a.d. in your life. We will also of course keep you updated with all the latest 'Rachel McMillan' news, stories, behind the scenes at events as well as sneak peaks at typical days in our design studio!

Come on our journey with us as we attempt to stay Groun.d.e.a.d. in an overwhelmingly fast paced industry and stay peaceful in a very high pressured society. 

Remember, with Rachel McMillan stay #Groundead and we make sure #itsworthgettingdressed

RM x 


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  • Djameldin: February 10, 2016

    Hi, i wonder if you could let me know if you have ant stall space avlalibae at the Dock Museum on the 18th November, I sell traditional wooden toys etc.Kind regards

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