New Tiered Pricing... What do you think?

Posted on May 13 2019


OK, here's the thing - we would all love to buy quality designer products if we could, right?

What would you think of trialing new tiered product pricing for a few of our garments? (Click here for some options)

The cost of our garments are very well justified - we pay the people making the garments above living  wage, we source the best sustainable fabrics we can find and we design, cut, sample, sew and embroider all in our own studio in Scotland. You get it - it's not cheap. We also really want people to understand the true cost that goes in to making clothes - we are not making fast fashion - we are designing clothes for you to fall in love with and wear for years to come. 

That said, I know many people that absolutely love the designer touches to our garments but it pushes them just over their current price limits. I want our clothes to be as accessible as possible

On the other hand, as we make in small batch runs  we want people to be able to make the absolute most out of this. Is it possible for us to customise your garments if you can spend a little more? Absolutely. 

Affordable Sustainable Clothing

This got me thinking, can the same garment have variable costs depending on your options? We've trialed this across our skirts and trousers .  You now have 3x price options available. 

Take our Organic Cotton Cord Skirt for example: 

 Option 1: Garment WITHOUT embroidery - still awesome quality and beautifully made, just not as many labour hours needed, so saving you some money. 

Option 2: Garment WITH embroidery - looking for a designer quirk and love the messaging behind our garments? Choose to have a piece with hand embroidered 'Choose Happiness' as a one off purchase.

Option 3: Garment WITH PERSONALISED embroidery. Want something completely Unique or buying a special gift for someone? Choose your own message to be hand embroidered. 


You can see our available tiered options here!

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