Choose Happiness + Fashion Revolution Week

Posted on April 22 2019

It's Fashion Revolution Week. When I watched 'The True Cost' for the first time, around 4 years ago now, it changed everything for me. If you haven't yet seen it, I highly recommend. Once watching it, there is no going back, no denial, no turning a blind eye. 



I had produced one collection at this point - excited to be a young designer straight out of university. I was making whatever I wanted to and I was getting attention, nominated for Young Designer of The Year and multiple articles in local newspapers. Did I know where my fabrics where made? No. Did I know where the cotton had been picked and if the pesticides used on the farm had caused deaths, cancers or suicide to the people working there? No. Did I know for sure that the factory in Bangladesh that had made some of my t-shirts had health and safety regulations in place for their workers and weren't outsourcing cheap labour? No. 

Overnight my brand changed. I contacted all suppliers asking questions. Those that didn't get back to me or didn't have answers, I stopped using. Its been a slow and educational journey for me and my customers since then, and it continues to be. 

Just in time for Fashion Revolution Week we have launched our latest collection 'CHOOSE HAPPINESS'. This is the collection that I am most proud of.


hand embroidered organic cotton hoodie


'Choose Happiness' SS19 is centred around positive choices, self love and care and finding your inner child's freedom and happiness. 
It draws inspiration from early memories of learning to hand stitch and to always being comfortable enough to go out and play at any time! 

🌎It is made completely from 100% certified Organic Cotton - meaning no pesticides, less water usage and a healthier and safer working environment for the Cotton Farmers. 

🌎It is made with raw edge pockets that can easily be repaired or strengthen.

🌎It is made with embroidered patches that can be repaired or taken off to extend the garment lifecycle. 

🌎All scraps of fabric are used for our zero-waste accessories or given to local craft makers for their own projects. 

🌎Every garment is made with love, care and precision in our studio in Scotland by a team paid above the London Living Wage. 




Want to own a piece of awesome sustainable clothing? Shop the collection here. 


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